Salam Alikum,

Firstly, Jazakum Allah khairan for the Zekr application it's an
awesome application which I recommend to all my Muslim brothers and

Secondly, I would like to ask for a couple of enhancements if

1. Below is a link for a straight forward and simple to understand
translation of the Quran which a lot of our New Australian Muslims
to read and understand Quran as its simpler from the other
translations which are out there as it uses common English, can I ask
you please
to add this translation to the rest of the translations you have to
the Zekr Application.

Here is some information about this Sheikh who translated the Quran...

Here is the Quran Translation by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan - This
translation of the Quran is copyright free..

Please let me know if you need the translation in PDF file format and
I will email it to you.

2. Can you please add a Spanish and Portuguese translations of the
Quran for our Latin American reverts to find it easier to understand

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,

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