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> Today I ran over a large rock that someone had either laid onto the 
road or
> it had dropped off someone's truck. I thought it looked like a 
white paper
> bag (maybe I need glasses?). What a shock to hit that rock. 
Thankfully it
> seems like nothing happened to the car's transmission, axle, oil 
pan, motor,
> etc.
> My daughter said "Thank God nothing happened to us." I thought "If 
> wanted to be so helpful, why do only half a favor and leave the 
rock in the
> middle of the road? Why not just do the complete miracle and have 
the rock
> bounce to the curb when it fell off the truck?"
> So I wonder, was G-d helping us? Should we be thankful we were not 
> Was the rock in the middle of the road a sign that G-d could care 
> A couple of days ago an 11 year-old girl was run over by a car as 
> crossed the street to go to school (at the school crossing, during 
> slow-speed time). She was holding her older sister's hand when she 
> killed. The car only hit one girl. Should the surviving sister 
thank God for
> such a wonderful miracle? Why didn't God save them both?

I thought about this post today as I did a U-turn on the road two 
houses down from my own (forgot my coffee) and ran over a large chunk 
of metal, blowing out my front tire and causing a big delay in the 
trip I was about to undertake (while I exchanged the tire with my 
full-size spare in the trunk - and got my coffee)...

And I realized I'm perfectly comfortable with the randomness of this 
event. All it was was a chunk of metal in the road. Nothing more. 
Just metal. It wasn't put there by some God to cause a one hour delay 
in my trip, or remind myself that I'm a mechanically-inclined woman 
and can change my own tire without help. It wasn't some sign I 
shouldn't go on my trip. It was just a chunk of metal. 

And it's still just a chunk of 4-inch metal imbedded in my tire. 
Maybe I'll keep it after the mechanics pry it out of my tire tomorrow 
when I get my two new tires installed as a reminder of the randomness 
of it all. 

I'll be spending my Sunday morning with the mechanics.


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