Here's some writing that supports what you're saying, Dave. I find
this explanation of how thought corrupts pure feelings into an
emotional state to be really helpful in establishing equanimity with
my feelings:

Feelings are reactions of the heart. They are spontaneous and pass
over us like a wave, only lasting a few seconds. Feelings are
expressed in the moment they are experienced, without judgment.

Emotions are stuck feelings. Emotions are attached to the past and
present, and to thoughts. When we think about our feelings, judge them
and invest in them, they remain with us and fill our awareness. Their
time to be expressed passes with the original feelings, and we are
stuck with in emotional mind. When these emotional states persist,
they become moods, in which the way out becomes less and less clear.

It comes from:

I've experienced various flavors of depression. I used to think they
were biochemical, or psychological, now I believe they are spiritual
(and they don't come as often or last as long). Perfectionism,
judgment, loss of control, distorted thinking, and lethargy are
fundamental aspects of depression that are difficult to engage in when
one is cultivating a practice of equanimity. For me, at this point in
my life, depression only occurs due to a spiritual meltdown: when I
become unaware, disconnected, and unsure of my source (big S Self). At
this point, for me, living in small s self is the same as depression.


~say beautiful things to yourself~

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