I don't know what to make of you. You give people a forum to share 
and discuss their beliefs, and then you mock them? I understand the 
making lite of people who are too full of themsevles, especially 
relating to Zen, but you sit in judgement of everyone? I guess you 
just don't believe in the Zen philosophy? In Enlightenment? In 
Samsara? The Eight-Fold Path? The Three Jewels... etc.  That's ok, I 
don't see anyone in this group trying to convince you to follow 
their beliefs. I just see beautiful, inspiring and witty posts from 
members such as JM, Mike and Bill, and sometimes yourself, that I 

Don't get Angry because a female member shunned your feeble attempts 
at a pickup... You may not have meant it that way, but that's how it 
seemed. And then you insult her with the remarks about the punchline 
is posting her picture? That's week.  Not as creepy as the dude with 
the pension and the three bedrooms though,  but still. It seems that 
you feed off of getting a rise out of nice, well-meaning people. 
That, to me, is what lower life forms do. They want to bring others 
down to their level.

I think people attracted to Zen are more introverted by nature. 
That's what is attractive about it, the answer is within. Everything 
else is just a distraction. I was lucky enough to have a Temple 
built a few miles from me, housed with Vietnamese nuns who studied 
under the Master Thich Than Thu.  They held a group each Saturday 
for a dharma 
talk and meditation sessions, and they also offered retreats. I went 
each Saturday for nine months and loved the Serenity. But the group 
began taking on people such as yourself who were not serious and 
talked too much and the poor nuns were not forceful enough inforce 
their discipline. I stopped going and have since lapsed in any 
serious practicing, but I still believe strongly in the power of 
Enlightenment and what it can to for a serious and disciplined 
practitioner, and it pains me to see such a lower life form make fun 
of it...

... I believe in the power of Zen, but the entire Buddhist 
philosophy, I have some reservations.  I have not believed in 
reincarnation in the 
past, but I do sense that it may be true. It may be true that many 
lifetimes before me have brought me to the realization that I can 
taste my own Enlightenment. Just as many lives before you have 
you in the other direction, that you can read what others say 
about it, and even may have tried it some yourself, but you can 
still have no concept of it. But still, even though you can't 
conceive of your own True Nature, you don't have to denegrate those 
who are seeking their own.

    In any case, I have got to be the most happiest, ignorant person 
on Earth. I live each day in the wonderment of what life is and the 
beauty that's all around. And I won't blow sunshine up your Ass 
because everything ain't rosey. But my belief in the Zen philosophy 
keeps me from getting too high, or too low, the beauty is in the 
Middle Way.  It's just that one of my many faults is to see one 
ignorant person making fun of other well-meaning people.  If you've 
been running this forum for nine years and you still don't get it, I 
suggest you stick to the others that you like so much better, 
because I enjoy this one just the way it is, and I enjoy the members 
just the way they are.  Even you, I guess, because you and Bill are 
the only one's who seem to make me passionate enough to respond!

The Pope of Zen,

Current Book Discussion: any Zen book that you recently have read or are 
reading! Talk about it today! 
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