Nah, I lost contact with Fudo after I left for Japan. I remained on the forum 
but didn`t have much time to read or contribute so I kinda fell outta the loop 
for a few years. I do my (occasional) sitting in a temple in Nara (Sanshoji), 
but that had nothing to do with Fudo. Yep, those were the days alright! It 
wasn`t just you who had fights with him tho` - I remember me and him going at 
it a few times too! ...bastard always won tho. Mike.

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mike brown <> I remember those heady days when Fudo and Genryu were 
`patrolling` this forum and I learnt a lot from them too. In fact, it 
was partly thru` Fudo`s contribution that I went to Japan.>>

Did Fudo help you get accomodated with a Zen Temple? 

I recall Fudo and Genryu were very enlightening, but they were always 
cutting me off at the knees over the least expected issues. I was not 
very easy to get along with either. 

I guess three bulls in a china shop was bound to lead to some conflict 
sooner or later, especially on the internet where words are posted and 
there is never an opportunity to meet in person and look each other in 
the eyes to see what the meaning of the words really was/is. 

It is too bad, because even though they were a constant source of 
friction and humiliation for me, they did contribute a lot more than I 
do. I often learned from either one of them. 

I guess it is too late to put Pandora, Fudo, Genryu back into the box. 


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