As a whitey, kinda pink man (who goes a lovely shade of chestnut in the summer 
months) - you were wrong! But you get brownie points (no pun intended) for 
seeing the error of your ways :)   Mike.

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> "cid830" <I guess I feel I am defending those who do not defend 
> > themselves. sometimes I feel you have respond on such a level that 
> the offender may understand. > Humbly,<
> > 
> As a black man, I am offended that you think you have to speak up 
> me. I can speak up for myself. I do not need to be spoken for.

Yes, Jack, i see. As a white man, I was speaking for the Zen 
practitioners who are above being offended. It is my belief that a 
good practitioner can hear an insult and not think twice about it. It 
doesn't bother them in the slightest, therefore they would not 
respond. Me, not being a good practitioner, was responding to that 
insult on their behalf... Right or Wrong... Probably Wrong!



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