I agree with you. If one can realize zen by a short cut, it may need to be a 
genius, or he/she already did a lot in previous lives. However, it will still 
need more work to progress further. I believe it makes sense that way. If the 
'cause and effect' is right, there is no such thing as a short cut. There must 
be a reason behind, though I may not understand what the reason is.

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Subject: [Zen] My Way Is Better!
Date: Wednesday, 1 October, 2008, 6:04 AM

Again, to each his own! It is my contention that only with strict 
adherence to a disciplined practice one can dissolve the Ego. The 
practice that I have followed professes the ultimate goal of Living 
Zen, experiencing each moment with ALL of your Being but you must 
dissolve the Ego. I have been taught (and with experience believe) 
that you must sit before you can walk. There are always exceptions 
to the rule, but I could never endorse that one may just be able to 
walk around in Living Zen with no training. That all one has to do 
is to "look around" and experience THIS because another person said 
they can do it. Such claims may actually be a hinderance to one's 
complete loss of Self. One may be able to live "in the zone" from 
time to time while fully engaged in an activity or an experience, 
but this is not Living Zen, it is just a Zen experience. Likewise, 
a "Master" is a title given to one by others as a form of respect. 
One claiming to be a Master, most likely is not. 

Everyone has his/her own path. My belief is that "letting go" 
through strict training is valid path to Living Zen and 
Enlightenment, and those that tell you it is not necessary are not 
helping your path.

Thank You,


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