Nobody asks you to answer to them. If you always do the second group of 
actions, that is great. Can you tell me the secret why you are not tempted to 
switch to the first group once in a while?

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I believe the everything is haphazard (chaos - the original meaning) and we all 
are free to kill, rob, rape, drink and burn without - fear of retribution. We 
are also free to give alms, comfort and love, refrain from intoxicants and 
create wonders - without hope of reward.

I don't do any of the first group and do a lot of the second group, all without 
having to answer to anyone. Why can't you?

Why do you (and Al) have to have someone or something else tell you what to do 
and be answerable to? Don't you trust yourself?


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There are strict rules governing material world, down to subatomic particles. I 
tend to believe the same applies to the spiritual world. It is not convincing 
that a personal god can set the rules. So the best theory is still with karma 
objectively. The problem is we only remember this one life. For karma to work 
out we need to go through more than one life. In other words, karma and rebirth 
go together. Otherwise, everything is haphazard, so we are free to kill, rob, 
rape, drink and burn.


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I would like to help, Anthony. But I've got nothing. Science has 
theories. Some proven, some not. I would like to believe in karma. But 
I'm more inclined to believe in the randomness of the universe. I think 
JM can sync to it. We can experience it. But no one can truly explain 
the 'reasoning' behind it. Or the 'rules' that govern it. Does this 
make any sense? 

Thank You,


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> Rules No.4, 5, 6... waiting for somebody to fill in.

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