I am satisfied with your answer regarding your possible reaction to violence. 
But not as concerns your statement that there is no rule in the world. I can 
give you some:
Rule No.1: there are Newton's laws and all other nonsense in physics for the 
material world.
Rule No.2: Bill reacts to violence aggressively, never passively.
Rule No.3: when we are stabbed with a needle, we feel pain and cry 'ough'.
Rules No.4, 5, 6... waiting for somebody to fill in.

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I will try to answer your question which I assume is: 'What would you do if 
confronted with someone who was threatening your life?"

I can absolutely truthfully say that I don't know what I'd do. If I knew what I 
would do then that means I would have thought it all out ahead of time, and 
then it would me Bill! acting and not Buddha Nature.

I can tell you I would probably do what all animals due when confronted with 
danger: flight or fight. I would either try to get away - that could be by 
using persuasive talk or actually running away; or fight - that also could be 
with threatening talk or behavior, but could include physical assault. If what 
you are looking for is a definite statement that I would be passive and not 
commit violence, I can assure you that would not always be the case.

Like responding to a koan, the answer depends on the entire moment: who's 
asking, what's the situation and what's my experience at that moment.

I hope that response satisfies you. It satisfies me.


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I understand your 'zen logic' in view of a lack of a proper word. In my case:
- If I run into a killer, I will run away, scared to death.
- If I am starving, I will suffer a lot, complaining about bad karma.

Understanding your action cannot be my template, I am still curious what your 
reaction is in that position 'at this moment when you are writing'. Don't worry 
about the next moment when you may react differently. I will be disappointed if 
you say you cannot answer because you only have 'just this' at the present.



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