If nothing comes by birth, how about Mozart composing music at 5. All other 
geniuses are just getting a special gene from the parents. But that is also 
something by birth.
Do you believe in karma and rebirth?
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Hi Anthony :-)

I agree whole-heartedly :-) Nothing comes by birth. Sometimes through 
circumstances things just go terribly, terribly wrong. And I don't mean that 
lightly. People are hurt terribly in the process. This is reality, a very harsh 
reality. Piling on more wrong and harshness does no one any good. 

I think the way to deal with it is to put the criminal in a place where they 
can't hurt anyone else anymore, but to treat him/her humanely. And to do 
everything we can for the victims and the survivors to help them heal and get 
their lives back. 


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> Artie,
> Certainly those who committed crime because of their own unfortunate 
> experiences deserve compassion. They are 'acquired sociopaths'. But are there 
> 'born sociopath?' For those who don't believe in karma and rebirth, the 
> answer is an absolute negative. Pol Pot, for instance, thought people who 
> were brought up by bourgeois education could not be rectified and must be 
> tortured and killed, as they had no role to play in the 'new society' he was 
> trying to create. So you see children of 12-3 years of age, who were being 
> educated by Pol Pot regime, knock the brain out of their parents' head. 
> Everything is acquired. Nothing comes by birth.

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