It is your choice, if you qualify for both. There are plenty of other options 
to choose from. Each of them claim they are the best, condemning non believers 
to hell. Mind you. Since you cannot pick more than one belief, you will one way 
or the other end up in hell. The hell population is sure to expand 
tremendously. Fortunately there are different hells to choose. It is said the 
Indian hell is Ok. You are supposed to sleep on a nail bed. But all the nails 
have been stolen, so the pain is gone. The devil is supposed to beat  'the hell 
out of you', but he is a civil servant, so all he does is clock in everyday, 
and clock out right away. Therefore you won't see him.

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Or a neocon?


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> ED,
> If you claim yours is the ultimate truth, you qualify for a Taliban.
> Anthony

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