Natural responses can be very different kinds. Some take drugs, loot, rape, 
kill etc, also claiming natural.

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As usual, Bill's responses are right on the mark :-)

In my experience, compassion is not something I ever thought much about, it is 
just a natural response, just something I do. I eat, I sleep, I pass water, I 
help my neighbor, I feed the stray cats in my neighborhood, I help out at the 

In reference to the conversation, well, I want to do these things, so there is 
desire there I think. If seeing another in pain or suffering or in need causes 
me discomfort, then my compassion is not completely 'unselfish', is it? 

But- - 

Does it really matter, all the whys and wherefores, and what Buddha said? Or is 
what happens what matters? 


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