Good question.


Most people use the term 'zen practice' to refer to the whole spectrum of
activities that include initial training, kensho, subsequent training,
etc...  This is especially the case of those that associate zen with Zen
Buddhism, and particularly Japanese Zen Buddhism.


I do not think of zen as an exclusive sub-set of Buddhism, such as Zen
Buddhism.  I think of Zen Buddhism as a Buddhist expression of zen.


USUALLY (but I'll admit not always) I use the term 'zen practice' to
describe the practice of living as an DIRECT EXPRESSION of Buddha Nature.
This is not living with AWARENESS of Buddha Nature, of living your life in
ACCORDANCE with or from the PERSPECTIVE of Buddha Nature.  This means you
fundamental act of being IS Buddha Nature.  They are really not separate
things.  Being = Buddha Nature.  I know I have not been able to express this
with complete clarity, but that's the best I can do.


So, when I said below that 'zen has no goals', what I meant (or could
restate) is 'Buddha Nature has no goals'.  Buddha Nature just is.


My question to you is still valid.  I'll re-ask it, rewording it a little
for clarification:


'What goal(s) does your zen practice have?'




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Bill, does the term 'zen practice' refer to zazen after one's first
experiences of kensho?

Thanks, ED


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> Ed, I'm not sure what else there is to say. Zen practice is just zen

> practice. It's not done to achieve or change anything. Everything is

> perfect just the way it is.


> This statement seemed to surprise you. 


> .Bill! 


> Bill,

> Can you say a little more about this matter?

> --ED


> > Zen practice has no goals.

> > Bill!





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