Doesn't it? Then why were you born? Why are there myriads of things, instead of 
nothing existing?

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Subject: Re: [Zen] Positive neural changes in the brain due to meditation?
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Mark said:  "Nature has no goals"
The one single law that nature is (in effect) driven by is the replication and 
survival of living entities.
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> Chris -
> My first wife slept through much of the labor of our first child. This was
> without medication. The birth of our third child was the most difficult,
> painful, and traumatic.
> Nature does not subscribe to human rules of damage, loss, and harm. Nature
> just is. Nature doesn't scream, it simply is. Nature has no attachments,
> it simply is. Nature has no goals, no regrets, no ambitions, no sense of
> this human invention of time, no life, no non-life, no death, etc. Nature
> is.

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