Thank you very much for the kindest of your post .
I wouldn't say about me that there is no arrogance.  There is sometimes 
arrogance in me specially when something irritates me.  However in the case of  
posting to ED arrogance was not intended.  My intention was to make ED react in 
his Buddha nature and this was my arrogance.  He was right to point it out.  My 
intention was a good intention but I lacked of the skill and instead I provoke 
in the reaction of his ego defending itself.   He appeared to be fluid in his 
zen notions but somehow his mind was entangled and limited by it. Just wanted 
to help him to get out of that.   I have a long, long way to learn from your 
skill and ability to communicate appropriately in a way that the talk is 
beneficial to the listener.  
On the other hand is true what you say and that the language is a huge barrier 
to communicate appropriately with others.  They're not just the words of the 
language but also a way of doing that comes with different languages.  Then 
there is the English Queen language and the American English very different 
though both are English Languages,  plus all that expressions that can't be 
found in dictionaries.  With a language comes also a culture and the soul of 
that culture.  The English I learnt was the Queen English learnt through 
Cambridge University.  This is a very standard English for foreign people.  
This Queen English didn't include many expressions that people use. 
By the way what does it mean the following expression?. ( I couldn't find in 
any phrases dictionary) :
"she’s liable to put a big case of whoop-ass on you!" 
Really appreciate your kindest
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Ed,  You observed and commented:


> It does happens.  Look into the soul of the post,specially love and with a 
> bit of luck you may understand what I meant by that. 


I experience your statement above as arrogant, condescending and insulting - 
but I acknowledge to myself that that's how *I* experience you - and so what?


[Bill!] I understand that upon reading Mayka’s statement above you might see it 
as arrogant, etc…  Mayka’s been on this forum for a long time and I think I can 
assure you that she is not any of those things. 
English is a second language for her (Spanish her first) and she sometimes uses 
English in ways that appear to native English-speakers to be abrupt, arrogant 
or even funny.  I think it’s just because she has a good vocabulary but does 
not yet have the same ‘feel’ for the language as native-speakers. 
I speak two other languages (kind of) and speak Thai on a regular basis.  I 
probably speak more Thai any given day than I speak English.  Although I have a 
fairly broad vocabulary I sometimes say things in Thai that sound strange to a 
native Thai-speaker.  This is because for new phrases or thoughts that I 
haven’t said or heard said before I just translate the English phrase 
word-for-word into Thai.  Like saying ‘now the shoe’s on the other foot’ in 
Thai probably wouldn’t mean anything to a Thai. 
So, my advice is to give Mayka a very large amount of latitude on her phrasing, 
and approach all of her posts with a generous and positive attitude. 
Otherwise she’s liable to put a big case of whoop-ass on you! 

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