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> ED:
> Not sure if I have fully understood your questioning:  Do you mean
that I have an elevated ego image about myself or do you mean that I'm
an arrogant after all or do you mean that I look others below me?  What
is that that you're trying to tell me?

Mayka, just sit, and everything will fall into place quite naturally.

> There is no deny of being often under myself ego spell.

Mayka, not to worry, it's the human condition.

However, there's is an East Asian saying: "The nail that sticks out gets
hammered down."

(This action/reaction applies to ALL relations, both at the personal and
at the group level.)

> But so you are and everyone else is.

And, do our egos coming out to play excite your chi?   ;-)

> I tell you a trick of the ego:  when I'm under its spell domination
then I become defencive, reactive....Were you under ego spell at the
same time of writing this posting?  And this last is a question coming
from my own ego.

Your ego is not a problem - athough it does subject my ego to an
irrestible urge to tickle you!

> PS:  Till you won't sit down and experience buddha nature, you will
not have a way of knowing when is the ego that takes place in people
posting and when is the buddha nature.
> Mayka

Mayka, nothing matters: If you believe what you believe, who cares? If I
believe what I believe, who cares?

Relax, let your hair down and let's just have fun in the here and now!


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