I am not going to pick up any other books. My question is about the words by 
your Chan Master.

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Hi Anthony,

One of our practitioner just informed me that Michael Newton's book "Journey of 
Souls" says the same thing.

Perhaps you can pick up that book that tell me about.  :-) 
Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

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The Chan Master does not make it clear. Does consciousness exist?
Moreover, when you have no hindrances before death and you skip reincarnation, 
then what do you do? Where are you?

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Abridged from "The Gateway to Chan Wisdom" by Chan Master Wu Jue Miao-tian
Translated by Zhenyao
Edited by Eng


佛教上講到「輪迴」,這個輪迴就是因為神識的存在,如果沒有神識的存在,就超越了輪迴,所 以神識是決定輪迴的最主要因素。換句話說,一個人在生命的最後
一口氣時,你的心裡沒有罣礙,死得很自在,就不受輪迴,很多事情放不下,你就沒有辦法解 脫,就要被輪迴的命運。

神識就是死後的靈魂,我們人身本來會發光,就是因為神識包住,像太陽光被雲遮住時看不到祂 的光,在人往生時,依神識的境地就淪落到那一個未可知的地方。
超越了潛在意識進入第八意識光明藏,就可以看到自己自性的光,這個光不在外面,在裡面,這 個光它是生命的光、智慧的光,這種光充滿了超能力,比人的頭腦

修禪的最終目的是找 到自己心靈的光,這個心靈的光來自於大宇宙的生命體,一切生命的來源,那才是本來的自己。 人要得到智慧,就必需由禪定入門,佛教三學
「戒、定、慧」先要修戒、修善法,然後禪定,最後修般若智慧。在座的很多未來的科學家,參 禪以後可以幫助大家將自己所學的發揚光大,所學的理論可以得到
想要認識「我」,要超我才能認識「我」,就像一個人在山中看不到山的外貌一樣,你必須離開 那座山遠遠的,才看得清楚那座山的全貌,所以你一定要經過禪定

要認識「我」就要進入禪定,入禪定是要經過訓練的,譬如一個人在禪坐,他坐單盤可以坐一個 鐘頭,坐雙盤只能坐二十分鐘,坐雙盤雖然 是二十分鐘,可是這二
十分鐘比一個鐘頭的效果還好,為什麼?因為他加強了突破身體障礙的耐力。同樣地,雙盤坐一 個月是單盤坐兩個月的效果。

現在企業界很流行所謂的「企業禪」,就是訓練他達到超人的耐力、超人的體力,讓他能夠超越 自己。在超越別人之前先要超越自己,超越自己原來的本能,然後
自然能夠超越別人,才能夠有更廣大的開創,事業才能更成功,學識的研究才能更徹底。最後告 訴大家,要經過智慧禪門,才能夠得到無限智慧,同時你有了智慧

Abridged from "The Gateway to Chan Wisdom" by Chan Master Wu Jue Miao-tian
Translated by Zhenyao
Edited by Eng

Buddhism talks about “reincarnation”. The cause of reincarnation is the 
existence of consciousness. If consciousness does not exist, we
transcend the cycles of reincarnation. Thus consciousness is the most important 
factor affecting reincarnation. In other words, at the last
moment of a person's life, if there are no hindrances left unresolved in the 
heart, then death will be comfortable and smooth while
reincarnation becomes unnecessary. If there are many concerns remain with the 
dying person, then there will be no liberation, and
reincarnate will continue to be the fate.

Pure consciousness is the soul after death. Originally, human bodies were 
luminous. However, they are covered by our consciousness, just
like clouds covering the sunlight. After death, we will end up in an unknown 
space according to our consciousness. When we go beyond our
sub-consciousness, we enter the realm of the Eighth Consciousness (Alaya 
Consciousness), and then we witness the light of our self-
nature. This light is not outside of us. It is inside. It's the light of life 
and wisdom, and the light is full of supernatural
powers. Its powers are tens of times more powerful than that of the human brain 
or any power we know of. Such powers are beyond

The ultimate goal of Chan practice is to find the spiritual light of our 
hearts. That is the true self. Such light comes from the life
force of the universe, and it is the origin of all lives. To gain wisdom, a 
person needs to start from Chan meditation. The threefold
training of Buddhism includes "discipline, meditation (Ding), and wisdom.” 
Discipline is the entry point of Chan practice followed by
mediation, and finally wisdom. Many of you will become scientists.

Chan practice will enhance what you have learned, and it will help to prove 
theories you have studied. Chan practice is about witnessing
your own experience. Reading the Bible or studying Buddhist scriptures is only 
one aspect of religious practice. But it's not sufficient
without witnessing for yourself.

In order to understand "self", we must transcend ourselves. It’s like a person 
in a mountain who cannot see the entire mountain. In order
to see the entire mountain, the person must observe it from a distance. 
Similarly, you have to go through the process of meditation
to enter a deep meditative state of Chan Ding, and become devoid of all mental 
Looking back, recognizing the "self" requires that we enter a meditative state, 
and we need to go through training for that. For
example, when we meditate, we could sit an hour in the half-lotus posture, or 
we could sit twenty minutes in the full-lotus posture.
However, the twenty-minute session is more effective than the one-hour session. 
Why? That’s because we enhance our ability to break through
physical barriers in a full-lotus posture. Similarly, one-month of meditation 
in a full lotus posture has the same effect as two months
of meditation in a half lotus posture.
Now in the business community the so-called "Chan Enterprise" is gaining 
popularity, much like the “devil’s training" in Japan, i.e.,
to train a person to achieve super endurance and super strength in order to 
enable a person to transcend his/her own limitations. To
surpass others, we first have to surpass our instincts. Then naturally we will 
be able to surpass others to attain a fuller life,
to be more successful in our careers, and to study and research more 
thoroughly. Finally I want to share with you that we have to go
through “The Gateway to Chan Wisdom” to be able to have access to unlimited 
wisdom, and to successfully gain wisdom.

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