Tell me about it! I just can't stand the smug, glassy-eyed prolestyizing that 
usually comes with it (and yes, I'm mainly talking about religious folk here). 
Geez, don't get me started!


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That's very funny!  
However, the underlying motivation in humans who have found a belief or 
which makes them feel good, is to want to share it with their friends - and 
so their being alogical or illogical is a non-issue.
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> I'm not blind to the light - it's just the advertising I don't get. I guess 
> I'm 
> just like the man who writes to Tampax saying that he's been smoking their 
> product for years but still can't play tennis or ride a bike.
> Mike

> No problem, Mike.  When one day you experience light, then you can talk about 
> anyway you prefer.
> Until then....  :-) 


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