Hi Mike,

You do have a point. In most of our classes, we have "first grader" as well as "high school" in the same room.

We talk about different experience with different people.

The challenge for me is always what to say so that everyone learns something from it.

When my teacher speaks, it is always to more than two thousand practitioners. Somehow he manages to communicate to everyone individually.

Ferrying is the most challenging task. We learn more from ferrying than from meditation.

Thank you for your comment.


Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

On 10/25/2010 7:52 AM, mike brown wrote:
I'm not blind to the light - it's just the advertising I don't get. I guess I'm just like the man who writes to Tampax saying that he's been smoking their product for years but still can't play tennis or ride a bike.

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No problem, Mike. When one day you experience light, then you can talk about it anyway you prefer.

Until then.... :-)

Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

On 10/24/2010 7:58 PM, mike brown wrote:

Sorry to pick on you JMJM, but this one paragraph below illustrates the point I'm making about the efficacy of applying the scientific method to zen over the metaphysical:

>Pure consciousness is the soul after death. Originally, human bodies were luminous. However, they are covered by our consciousness, just like clouds covering the sunlight. After death, we will end up in an unknown space according to our consciousness. When we go beyond our sub-consciousness, we enter the realm of the Eighth Consciousness (Alaya Consciousness), and then we witness the light of our self- nature. This light is not outside of us. It is inside. It's the light of life and wisdom, and the light is full of supernatural powers. Its powers are tens of times more powerful than that of the human brain or any power we know of. Such powers are beyond

To me that kinda begs the question: will I be able to walk thru walls like a ninja if I really apply myself? : )


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