Whatever one experiences 'Buddha' to be.


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> Ed,
> Your question: "What on earth is not an illusion?" is what zen is all
> All thoughts and concepts of the discriminating mind (the rational
mind that
> creates dualisms such as self/other, subject/object and makes
judgments such
> as good/bad, right/wrong) are illusions.
> Only direct experience is not illusory. 'Direct' means before the
> experience goes through the discriminating mind and gets processed
> (filtered, augmented, named, categorized, assigned a value, etc...).
> Buddhism calls this 'Buddha Mind' or 'Buddha Nature'. Joshu called it
> and 'The Oak Tree in the Garden'. Ummon called it 'A Dried
> Gutei just held up his index finger. I call it 'Just THIS!'.
> So I now ask you: What is Buddha?
> ...Bill!

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