I'm not an illusion.  The only thing that is an illusion is the nonsense in me.

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Aren't we all!

Chris Austin-Lane
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Bill Smart himself is also an illusion. Don't atttach any spiritual significant.

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My comments are embedded below:

[Ed] Questions, as usual, to ask oneself concening 'experience', with a view
to clarify its meaning:
Can the following be classified as kosher/halal experiences?
o  A pentecostal Christian who has had a born-again experience?
[Bill!] My opinion is that being born-again in the Christian context is not
an experience, it is an illusion.

o  Tony Blair's sister-in-law who recently reported a transcendental
experience in Qum, Iran - and converted to Islam?
[Bill!] Again, this is not an experience, this is an illusion.

o  A Jewish woman whom I encountered in a group some years ago, who had a
mystical experience of Allah and converted to Islam?
[Bill!] An illusion.

[Bill!] Viewing a sunset is an experience. Feeling warm rain fall on your
face is an experience. Hearing birds sing is an experience. Tasting a
peach is an experience. Smelling a dead dog rotting on the highway is an
experience. The placing of any significance other than Just THIS! on the
viewing, feeling, hearing, tasting or smelling of any of these things is
creating illusions - and this certainly includes believing that any of these
have a spiritual significance.


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