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> Hi, Ed
> How you could be sure that an experience is not an illusion?
> A mirage is an illusion, and you experience it.

As far as I am aware I have never ever experienced anything in my life
as an 'illusion'.

But, when certain events from the past pop into my mind, (without any
choice on my part), I realize today that I had incorrectly interpreted
my experiences then and responded non-optimally to them.

Now, I could say to myself that I was deluded in my dealing with those
events/situations; or I could say that I had had a wrong understanding
of reality at that time with respect to those events/situations; or that
I 'made a mistake'; or something else. I view my responses in the past
as being the inevitable consequences of 'causes and conditions'. I learn
from these recollections and then, I walk on.

> Even in maths, all constructs rely in a set of axiomas, that by
definition, could not be proven.
> With best wishes
> Lluís

LLuis, living life is beyond logic, but is not irrational, and is
influenced by rationality, intuition, feelings, life experience, life
'experiences', and 'awakenings'.

With best wishes,

- ED

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