When Asanga founded the philosophy of Mind Only, he said the objects of mind 
(which you perceive) exist (i.e. not illusory). Then his followers developed 
into different sects. Some say both mind and its objects exist. Others insist 
that the objects are illusions. Even the mind itself is illusory. Bill's 
position on illusory objects of mind is known. I don't know his on mind itself. 
I think he thinks mind exists. Otherwise, with what does he experience things?

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That's your position, and I honor and respect it.
"You must understand that a perspective on life that is derived from an inner 
experience is different from one that is arrived at intellectually."  
--Kobori-Roshi (1918-1992)
"Taste as much of this as you can. Swallow what you need and spit out the 
rest." -- Taizan Maezumi-Roshi (1931-1995) (To his disciples with regard to 
importing Japanese Zen Teachings into the West.)
I say "Yes" to both Teachers.
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> Ed,
> Everything you think about is illusory. Illusions are illusory.
> Interpretations are illusory. Doctrines are illusory. Philosophical
> traditions are illusory.
> Everything you experience is reality. Reality is not illusory.
> …Bill!

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