I saw this post in my spam filter for some reason, and while I normally 
wouldn't comment on such a topic, I will respectfully  say that you do not know 
me at all, and to characterize or label my personality or  friendships is 
I have no idea  what this is about. I don't always read  or even receive all of 
the postings of this forum.   I have a  busy schedule and admittedly, this is 
not my primary e-mall address. I try to be respectful when I do offer a 
comment. I have no issues with anyone here, nor do I engage in politics.  That 
said, I find your articulate comments to be a welcome addition here.
Enjoy your day..

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Men behave toward each other differently when women are around than when no 
women are around.
Women behave toward each other differently when men are around than when no men 
are around.
Thanks, ED
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It is not true in my experience that strong women cannot be friends. It happens 
all the time in non-male dominated arenas. 

Chris Austin-Lane


I take you at your word when you say:  "I admire people who don't fear the 
consequences of speaking up their minds ..."  
So, at the risk of of being label "thorny", I say:
Yes, you and Kristy could be friends, though probably not when in the same 
kitchen, coffee klatch, or Yahoo group, as both of you are confident, 
strong-willed alpha-females.
With playfully truthful loving-kindness,

Enjoyed the clarity of this post of yours.  
I think that Mike might have been right and there is the possibility that if we 
both met and knew face to face we might become friends.  Anyway, we're in the 
same group and find very silly not to interact with each other.  You're wrong 
and I do like you.  We both are impulsive ladies. I like from the posting you 
sent to Anthony your very good intentions of helping him. There was warm and 
compassion in your personal way of posting .   I admire people who don't fear 
the consequences of speaking up their minds specially with taboo subjects as 
the one you spoke about.   Interaction between Anthony and yourself was an 
interesting dharma.  
Can we make up and be friends?


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