One could talk about any theme for as long the energy of practise would be 
there.  When the energy of the practise is there then the way of talks and 
chats are addressed are very different.  Yet there are words the same while 
communicating.  However, I have to say that the energy of myself practise is 
not at all times there as the ego self gets on its way. Not sure I can explain 
well.  Anyway going right now for a whole day Sunday retreat.  Enjoy your 

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I could talk about zen practice. What sorts of things should we be talking 
about that would nourish zen practice?
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> ED:
> No I don't have any objection of people having a good time for as long and as 
> the central theme was a nourishement of zen practice as Anthony pointed out. 
> But how that could be when the energy of  the practice is not present in us 
> most of time as we get engaged in intelectual debates?....
> Enjoy your weekend
> Mayka

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