Have you recommendations as to how the Zen Forum should police (detect
and weed out) 'the ego' from messages, which ego, in 99.9% of humans,
comprises 99.9% or more of 'themselves'.


--- In, Maria Lopez <flordel...@...> wrote:
> ED:
> One could talk about any theme for as long the energy of practise
would be there.

> When the energy of the practise is there then the way of talks and
chats are addressed are very different. Yet there are words the same
while communicating.

> However, I have to say that the energy of myself practise is not at
all times there as the ego self gets on its way.

> Mayka

> > I could talk about zen practice. What sorts of things should we be
talking about that would nourish zen practice?
> > --ED

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