"The historical records required for a complete, accurate account of
early Ch¨¢n history no longer exist.[

Theories about the influence of other schools in the evolution of
Ch¨¢n are widely variable and rely heavily on speculative correlation
rather than on written records or histories.

Some scholars have argued that Ch¨¢n developed from the interaction
between Mah¨¡y¨¡na Buddhism and Taoism.

Some scholars instead argue that Ch¨¢n has roots in yogic practices,
specifically kammaá¹­á¹­h¨¡na, the consideration of objects, and
kasiṇa, total fixation of the mind. A number of other conflicting
theories exist."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zen

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Hi Siska,

The terminology of Chan maybe Buddhist.  The practice of Chan, however,
originated from Tao, the creator of Qi Gong.  :-)

Yet, Sitting Chan practice has its differences from Qi Gong.  I will
explain when time comes.

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