Here are some thoughts from a Zen Teacher's Dharma Talk on the subject
of breathing during zazen:

"Breath is a core component of zazen. Gently settle your breath into its
natural rhythm. Start your in-breathing from the base of the abdomen.
Feel the diaphragm rise and fall. Without force, extend your out-breath
until all the air has been expelled. When the body is ready it will
respond naturally with a gentle inhalation. The in-breath should be
exquisitely slow, gentle and steady. Large volumes of air are not
required to maintain the body during a sit."


> I was under the impression that the exhale was to take longer than the
> inhale.
> --ED

> --- In, Jue Miao Jing Ming -wrote::
> >
> > Thank you Bill. Yes it is 15 seconds. 6 seconds inhale. hold for 3
> > seconds. 6 seconds out. :-)
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