Yes Lana, you're right,  there is a difference between being cold and being 
thought of being cold.  We should look into oneselves with no fear of the 
findings which one of them we are.  Perhaps we are a bit of one of them, 
perhaps we're a bit of both of them, perhaps any of them...who knows.  Only by 
looking into oneselves we can see what really is in us. 

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There is a difference between being cold and being thought of as "cold". 


"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life." - 
William Osler

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Yes, you have a point here and agree.  I often have experienced the same.  At 
the same time and this is not addressed personal to you as criticism of any 
kind but purely as a meanings of sharing with the Buddha in you,  in me,  and 
every body else.
A person who genuinely believes of being a zen, Buddhist practitioner but whose 
becomes cold as a stone for fear of being sometimes "contaminated" by dualism, 
negative energies of all kinds or by the ones who don't share one views, ideas, 
way of sensing life...then the practise has a twist and becomes harmful to that 
person and also to all life around that person since 

we're not separated from anything not even from samsara.  To me one of the 
greatest beauties of zen as real practicality and well being, is that generates 
and continuously shares compassion with all beings and doesn't even know of 
There is the words of a Spanish song that says something like this,  amongst 
other things:
".... I'm like the reed that bends but never breaks and always kept up"

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