The way in which babies normally and naturally behave is to be obsessed
with 'I/me/mine' (it's ego), with no regard whatsoever for the needs of
its mother or anyone else - and without which attitude it would not

In short, if babies had no egos, the only babies who survived for more
than a few days would be 'buddhas' - and the population of human buddhas
on this earth would be nil.


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> No, Thank You. I already have much of the infant's mentality, the lack
> duality, the awareness, the "no-mind" - to discard all of what I have
> "learned" so far would be to discard my true self.
> The typical five year old has many concepts and ideas, they are
> materialistic, extreme in their sense of duality, some even expect
others to
> serve them - that is nothing I strive towards being.
> If all children naturally developed as Buddhas, there would be no need
> Buddhism to exist.
> -Lana

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