I have been privileged to have access to something that when I've tried to
explain what it is, comes out very techno-babble (I work in computers).
 I've referred to it as a "server cluster" of minds - a cluster is a setup
in which computers share spare resources to communally "think" on the same
thing.  It is something in the way I learn that has been there for several
years, and I suspect it was always there, although in the beginning I
believe I was less aware of it and not trusting of it.  When I encounter new
things I observe, I don't think (most of the time).  Those observations get
sent immediately to my subconscious mind and I trust in it to "spit out" the
answer - sometimes the process takes days, sometimes months, and
occasionally it is years before a concept echoes back to me with its answer.

This same something is what let me perceive (among many other things) that
every being is a part of the world, no one truly leaving it, simply being
reborn - with no need for a religion to tell me such.

And now I read about the one mind, the buddha mind and I wonder if what I
think of as a cluster of minds is indeed this "Buddha-Net".  If that is
indeed the case, we are all Buddhas, most people just don't know it yet.


"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life."
- William Osler

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> Lana,
> From your own experience (which is the only non-illusory mode of sensing
> true reality that is accepted on this zen forum,) have you any evidence
> that 'buddhas' exist?
> Thanks,
> --ED

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