Hi Thomas,

Thanks for that link. That's very similar but not identical. There's a 
different line number in zfs_ioctl.c, mine and Preston's fail on line 1815. It 
could be because of a difference in levels in that module of course, but the 
traceback is not identical either. Ours show brand_sysenter and the one you 
linked to shows brand_sys_syscall. I don't know what all that means but it is 
different. Anyway at least two of us have identical failures.

I was not using crypto, just a plain jane mirror on 2 drives. Possibly I had 
compression on a few file systems but everything else was allowed to default.

Here are our screenshots in case anybody doesn't want to go through the thread.



I hope somebody can help with this. It's not a good feeling having so much data 

Thanks for your help. Oracle, are you listening?


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> You're probably hitting bug 7056738 -> 
> http://wesunsolve.net/bugid/id/7056738
> Looks like it's not fixed yet @ oracle anyway...
> Were you using crypto on your datasets ?
> Regards,
> Thomas
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