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>> inaccessible!
>> Have you already extracted the core file of the kernel crash ?
> Nope, not a clue how to do that and I have installed Windows on this box 
> instead of Solaris since I can't get my data back from ZFS.
> I have my two drives the pool is on disconnected so if this ever gets 
> resolved I can reinstall Solaris and start learning again.
>> (and btw activated dump device for such dumping happen at next reboot...)
> This was a development box for me to see how I get along with Solaris. I'm 
> afraid I don't have any experience in Solaris to understand your question.
>> Have you also tried applying the latest kernel/zfs patches and try importing 
>> the pool afterwards ?
> Wish I had them and knew what to do with them if I had them. Somebody on OTN 
> noted this is supposed to be fixed by 142910 but
> I didn't hear back yet whether it fixes an pool ZFS won't import, or it only 
> stops it from happening in the first place. Don't have a service
> contract as I say this box was my first try with Solaris and it is a homebrew 
> system not on Oracle's support list.
> I am sure if there is a patch for this or a way to get my 200G of data back 
> some kind soul at Oracle will certainly help me since I lost
> my data and getting it back isn't a matter of convenience. What an 
> opportunity to generate some old fashioned goodwill!  :-)

lots of replies and no suggestion to try on FreeBSD. How about trying
on one? I believe if it crashed on FreeBSD, the developers would be
interested in helping to solve it. Try using the 9.0-beta1 since
8.2-release has some problems importing certain zpools.

Asking Oracle for help without support contract would be like shouting
in vacuum space...
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