On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 11:26 AM, Frank Cusack <fr...@linetwo.net> wrote:
> I have a Sun machine running Solaris 10, and a Vbox instance running Solaris
> 11 11/11.  The vbox machine has a virtual disk pointing to /dev/disk1
> (rawdisk), seen in sol11 as c0t2.
> If I create a zpool on the Sun s10 machine, on a USB stick, I can take that
> USB stick and access it through the vbox virtual disk.  Just as expected.
> If I boot vbox from the s11 ISO, and install s11 onto USB stick (via the
> virtual device), I can boot the Sun machine from it, which puts up the grub
> menu but then fails to boot Solaris.  There's some kind of error which might
> not be making it to /SP/console, but after grub it seems to hang for a few
> seconds then reboot.
> The vbox happens to be running on Mac OS 10.6.x.
> This *should* work, yes?  Any thoughts as to why it doesn't?
> Not that this should matter, but on the vbox machine, sol11 sees the USB
> stick as a normal SATA hard drive, e.g. when I run 'format' it is in the
> list of drives.  On the Sun machine, it is seen as a removable drive by s10,
> e.g. I have to run 'format -e' to see the drive.

So basically the question is if you install solaris on one machine,
can you move the disk (in this case the usb stick) to another machine
and boot it there, right?

The answer, as far as I know, is NO, you can't. Of course, I could be
wrong though (and in this case I'll be happy if I'm wrong :D ). IIRC
the only supported way to move (or clone) solaris installation is by
using flash archive (flar), which (now) should also work on zfs.

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