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> grub does need to have an idea of the device path, maybe in vbox it's seen
> as the 3rd disk (c0t2), so the boot device name written to grub.conf is
> "disk3" (whatever the terminology for that is in grub-speak), but when I
> boot on the Sun hardware it is seen as "disk0" and this just doesn't work.
> If it's that easy that'd be awesome, all I need is an alternate grub entry.

Or maybe not.  I guess this was findroot() in sol10 but in sol11 this seems
to have gone away.

Also, I was wrong about the disk target.  When I do the install I configure
the USB stick at disk0, seen by Solaris as c3t0, and no findroot() line
gets written to menu.lst.  Maybe it needs that line when it boots as a USB
still on real hardware?

I'll try import/export and a reconfigure boot when I get a chance.
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