On 1 feb 2012, at 02:43, Edmund White wrote:

> You will definitely want to have a Smart Array card (p411 or p811) on hand
> to update the firmware on the enclosure. Make sure you're on firmware
> version 0131. You may also want to update the disk firmware at the  same
> time.
> I have multipath and my drive LEDs work well enough to perform drive
> identification.

Ok, thanks for the tip! I will try that. We are at 0103 currently.

> I'm on NexentaStor, though. My scsi_vhci.conf looks like:
> scsi-vhci-failover-override =
> "HP      EG0300", "f_sym",
>                "HP      MO0400", "f_sym",
>                "HP      DG0300", "f_sym",
>                "HP      DH072", "f_sym";

Yes, you have to list all devices that you want to match, except
for those (pretty few) that the driver itself matches.
It uses partial string matching, so you can abbreviate to
match more devices.
I guess the "EG0300" is 300 GB disks, and that the above won't
match for example the 600 GB drives beginning with EG600.

>                device-type-mpxio-options-list=
>                "device-type=HP      EG0300",
> "load-balance-options=logical-block-options",
>                "device-type=HP      DG0300",
> "load-balance-options=logical-block-options";
>                logical-block-options="load-balance=logical-block",
> "region-size=18";

Interesting, they have listed those two in a separate
device-type-mpxio-options-list instead of setting load-balance
and region-size globally. I guess they don't want
load-balance=logical-block for the MO0400 or DH072, whatever
those are.


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