Hello Rocky!

On 1 feb 2012, at 03:07, Rocky Shek wrote:

> Ragnar,
> Which Intel SSD do you use? We use 320 and 710. We have bad experience with
> 510 in the past 

I tried with Intel X25-M 160 and 80 GB and a X25-E 64 GB (only because that
was what I had in my drawer). I am not sure which one of them that made it
lock up, maybe it was all of them.

Since the head is a X4150 with 8 slots and a plain LSI SAS HBA, I put
them in there instead and went ahead.

> Yes, "logical-block" make it faster in MPxIO setup.
> If you are using 9205-8E, you don't need to use "stmsboot -e" 
> By default, mpt_sas driver for 9205-8E is  already MPxIO enable.
> "stmsboot-e" is useful to enable old 3G HBA MPxIO feature.

Ok, thanks for the information, good!
So it just changes the mpxio-disable="yes"/"no" in the <driver>.conf files?

> With MPxIO like the following setup, you can protect HBA, cable, JBOD SAS IO
> module failure
> http://dataonstorage.com/dataon-solutions/125-unified-storage-system.html

That is almost what I do, except that I only have one HBA.
We haven't seen many HBAs fail during the years, none actually, so we
thought it was overkill to double those too. But maybe we are wrong?

> the slot 0 issue is related to their SES mapping in JBOD FW. It seems their
> FW is not genius enough with other HBA under solaris 11.
> Using HP HBA and their tool should fix it.

Thanks! I will try to update the firmware in the chassis and see what that
gives. I really hesitate to use HP HBAs - if they have changed anything
from the OEM firmware it is hard to tell how compatible they are.


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