On  1/02/12 12:40 PM, Ragnar Sundblad wrote:
I still don't really get what stmsboot -u actually does (and if - and if
so how much - this differs between x86 and sparc).
Would it be impolite to ask you to elaborate on this a little?

Not at all. Here goes.

/usr/sbin/stmsboot -u arms the mpxio-upgrade service so that it
runs when you reboot.

The mpxio-upgrade service

#1 execs /lib/stmsboot_util -u, to do the actual rewriting of vfstab
#2 execs metadevadm if you have any SVM metadevices
#3 updates your boot archive
#4 execs dumpadm to ensure that you have the correct dump device
   listed in /etc/dumpadm.conf
#5 updates your boot path property on x64, if required.

/lib/stmsboot_util is the binary which does the heavy lifting. Each
vfstab device element is checked - the cache that was created prior
to the reboot is used to identify where the new paths are. You can
see this cache by running strings over /etc/mpxio/devid_path.cache.

This is all available for your perusal at


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