The below is Edmund's configuration for his setup, which also shows a
good example of having different options for different devices.

It was I who thought this was config from Nextentastor - it was not!

(Sorry for my slow brain, sadly it is the only one I got! :-) )


On 1 feb 2012, at 03:06, Ragnar Sundblad wrote:

> On 1 feb 2012, at 02:43, Edmund White wrote:
>> You will definitely want to have a Smart Array card (p411 or p811) on hand
>> to update the firmware on the enclosure. Make sure you're on firmware
>> version 0131. You may also want to update the disk firmware at the  same
>> time.
>> I have multipath and my drive LEDs work well enough to perform drive
>> identification.
> Ok, thanks for the tip! I will try that. We are at 0103 currently.
>> I'm on NexentaStor, though. My scsi_vhci.conf looks like:
>> scsi-vhci-failover-override =
>> "HP      EG0300", "f_sym",
>>               "HP      MO0400", "f_sym",
>>               "HP      DG0300", "f_sym",
>>               "HP      DH072", "f_sym";
> Yes, you have to list all devices that you want to match, except
> for those (pretty few) that the driver itself matches.
> It uses partial string matching, so you can abbreviate to
> match more devices.
> I guess the "EG0300" is 300 GB disks, and that the above won't
> match for example the 600 GB drives beginning with EG600.
>>               device-type-mpxio-options-list=
>>               "device-type=HP      EG0300",
>> "load-balance-options=logical-block-options",
>>               "device-type=HP      DG0300",
>> "load-balance-options=logical-block-options";
>>               logical-block-options="load-balance=logical-block",
>> "region-size=18";
> Interesting, they have listed those two in a separate
> device-type-mpxio-options-list instead of setting load-balance
> and region-size globally. I guess they don't want
> load-balance=logical-block for the MO0400 or DH072, whatever
> those are.
> /ragge
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