On 6/17/12 3:21 PM, Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:
Hi Tim,

    you might be able to use
    an adapter to the SFF-8088 external 4 lane SAS connector, which may
    increase your options.

So what you are saying is that something like this will do the trick?


If I interpret this correctly I get a SFF-8087 to SFF-8088 bracket,
connect the 4 port LSI SFF-8077 to that bracket, then get a cable for
this JBOD and throw in 4 drives? This would leave me with four
additional HDDs without any SAS expander hassle. I had not come across
these JBODs. Thanks a million for the hint.

I have 2 Sans Digital TR8X JBOD enclosures, and they work very well. They also make a 4-bay TR4X.


They cost a bit more than the one you linked to, but the drives are hot swap. They also make similar cases with port multipliers, RAID, etc., but I've only used the JBOD.


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