Hi Tim,

thanks to you and the others for answering.

> worst case).  The worst case for 512 emulated sectors on zfs is
> probably small (4KB or so) synchronous writes (which if they mattered
> to you, you would probably have a separate log device, in which case
> the data disk write penalty may not matter).

Good to know. This really opens up the possibility of buying 3 or 4TB
Hitachi drives. At least the 4TB Hitachi drives are 4k (512b emulated)
drives according to the latest news.

> I'm wondering, based on the comment about routing 4 eSATA cables, what
> kind of options your NAS case has, if your LSI controller has SFF-8087
> connectors (or possibly even if it doesn't),

It has actually. 

> you might be able to use
> an adapter to the SFF-8088 external 4 lane SAS connector, which may
> increase your options.

So what you are saying is that something like this will do the trick?


If I interpret this correctly I get a SFF-8087 to SFF-8088 bracket, connect
the 4 port LSI SFF-8077 to that bracket, then get a cable for this JBOD and
throw in 4 drives? This would leave me with four additional HDDs without any
SAS expander hassle. I had not come across these JBODs. Thanks a million for
the hint.

Do we agree that for a home NAS box a Hitachi Deskstar (not explicitly being
a server SATA drive) will suffice despite potential TLER problems? I was
thinking about Hitachi Deskstar 5k3000 drives. The 4TB seemingly came out
but are rather expensive in comparisonŠ

Kind regards,

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