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> On Mon, 18 Jun 2012, Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:
>>  looks nice! The only thing coming to mind is that according to the
>> specifications the enclosure is 3Gbits "only". If I choose
>>  to put in a SSD with 6Gbits this would be not optimal. I looked at their
>> site but failed to find 6GBit enclosures. But I will
>>  keep looking since sooner or later they will provide it.
> I browsed the site and saw many 6GBit enclosures.  I also saw one with
> Nexenta (Solaris/zfs appliance) inside.

I found several high end enclosures. Or ones with bundled RAID cards. But
the equivalent of the one originally suggested I was not able to find.
However after looking at tons of sites for hours I might simply have missed
it. If you found one, can you please forward a link?

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