Hi Carson,

> I have 2 Sans Digital TR8X JBOD enclosures, and they work very well.
> They also make a 4-bay TR4X.
> http://www.sansdigital.com/towerraid/tr4xb.html
> http://www.sansdigital.com/towerraid/tr8xb.html

looks nice! The only thing coming to mind is that according to the
specifications the enclosure is 3Gbits "only". If I choose to put in a SSD
with 6Gbits this would be not optimal. I looked at their site but failed to
find 6GBit enclosures. But I will keep looking since sooner or later they
will provide it. 

I think I will go for the option of replacing the four drives for now with
the Hitachi 3TB drives. This will give me 9TB net with RAID-Z1 level. I will
calculate how expensive a 8bay enclosure with a LSI 8port external
controller will be. Just in case the 9TB are not sufficient, I need a backup
place or I decide to go for RAID-Z2. :-)

> They cost a bit more than the one you linked to, but the drives are hot
> swap. They also make similar cases with port multipliers, RAID, etc.,
> but I've only used the JBOD.

I will bookmark them. Then enclosures do look nice.

Kind regards,

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