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I browsed the site and saw many 6GBit enclosures.  I also saw one with
Nexenta (Solaris/zfs appliance) inside.

I found several high end enclosures. Or ones with bundled RAID cards. But the 
equivalent of the one originally
suggested I was not able to find. However after looking at tons of sites for 
hours I might simply have missed it. If
you found one, can you please forward a link?

So you want high-end performance at a low-end price?

It seems unlikely that you will notice the difference between 3Gbit or 6Gbit for a "home" application.

FLASH-based SSDs seem to burn-out pretty quickly if you don't use them carefully. The situation is getting worse rather than better over time as FLASH geometries get smaller and they try to store more bits in one cell. What was described as a bright new future is starting to look more like an end of the road to me.

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