Thanks. Just noticed that the Hitachi 3TB drives are not available. The 4TB 
ones are but with 512b emulated only. However I can get Barracudas 7200.14 with 
supposedly real 4k quite cheap. Anyone any experience with those? I might be 
getting one or two more and go for z2 instead of z1.  

I even found affordable passive enclosures available in Germany for very little 
money... The overall plan then would really be to switch to external JBODs and 
use the existing drives for backup only..

Kind regards,

Am 19.06.2012 um 01:02 schrieb "Carson Gaspar" <>:

> On 6/18/12 12:19 AM, Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:
>> Hi Carson,
>>    I have 2 Sans Digital TR8X JBOD enclosures, and they work very well.
>>    They also make a 4-bay TR4X.
>> looks nice! The only thing coming to mind is that according to the
>> specifications the enclosure is 3Gbits "only". If I choose to put in a
>> SSD with 6Gbits this would be not optimal. I looked at their site but
>> failed to find 6GBit enclosures. But I will keep looking since sooner or
>> later they will provide it.
> The JBOD enclosures are completely passive. I can't imagine any reason 
> they wouldn't support 6Gbit SATA/SAS - there are no electronics in them, 
> just wire routing.
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> Carson
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