On 11/07/2012 01:16 PM, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> I'm very interested, as I'm currently working on an all-in-one with
> ESXi (using N40L for prototype and zfs send target, and a Supermicro
> ESXi box for production with guests, all booted from USB internally
> and zfs snapshot/send source).

Well, seeing as Illumos KVM requires an Intel CPU with VT-x and EPT
support, the N40L won't be usable for that test.

> Why would you advise against the free ESXi, booted from USB, assuming
> your hardware has disk pass-through? The UI is quite friendly, and it's
> easy to deploy guests across the network.

Several reasons:

1) Zones - much cheaper VMs than is possible with ESXi and at 100%
   native bare-metal speed.
2) Crossbow integrated straight in (VNICs, virtual switches, IPF, etc.)
   - no need for additional firewall boxes or VMs
3) Tight ZFS integration with the possibility to do VM/zone snapshots,
   replication, etc.

In general, for me Illumos is just a tighter package with many features
built-in for which you'd need dedicated hardware in an ESX(i)
deployment. ESX(i) makes sense if you like GUIs for setting things up
and fitting inside neat use-cases and for that it might be great. But if
you need to step out of line at any point, you're pretty much out of
luck. I'm not saying it's good or bad, I just mean that for me and my
needs, Illumos is a much better hypervisor than VMware.

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