On 11/07/2012 12:39 PM, Tiernan OToole wrote:
> Morning all...
> I have a Dedicated server in a data center in Germany, and it has 2 3TB
> drives, but only software RAID. I have got them to install VMWare ESXi and
> so far everything is going ok... I have the 2 drives as standard data
> stores...
> But i am paranoid... So, i installed Nexenta as a VM, gave it a small disk
> to boot off and 2 1Tb disks on separate physical drives... I have created a
> mirror pool and shared it with VMWare over NFS and copied my ISOs to this
> share...
> So, 2 questions:
> 1: If you where given the same hardware, what would you do? (RAID card is
> an extra EUR30 or so a month, which i don't really want to spend, but
> could, if needs be...)
> 2: should i mirror the boot drive for the VM?

If it were my money, I'd throw ESXi out the window and use Illumos for
the hypervisor as well. You can use KVM for full virtualization and
zones for light-weight. Plus, you'll be able to set up a ZFS mirror on
the data pair and set copies=2 on the rpool if you don't have another
disk to complete the rpool with it. Another possibility, though somewhat
convoluted, is to slice up the disks into two parts: a small OS part and
a large datastore part (e.g. 100GB for the OS, 900GB for the datastore).
Then simply put the OS part in a three-way mirror rpool and the
datastore part in a raidz (plus do a grubinstall on all disks). That
way, you'll be able to sustain a single-disk failure of any one of the
three disks.

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