Same thing here. With the right setup, an all-in-one system based on
VMWare can be very solid and perform well.
I've documented my process here:

But I'm surprised at the negative comments about VMWare in this context. I
can't see how Virtual Box would run better.

Edmund White

On 11/7/12 9:45 AM, "Dan Swartzendruber" <> wrote:

>On 11/7/2012 10:02 AM, Edward Ned Harvey
>(opensolarisisdeadlongliveopensolaris) wrote:
>> I formerly did exactly the same thing.  Of course performance is
>>abysmal because you're booting a guest VM to share storage back to the
>>host where the actual VM's run.  Not to mention, there's the startup
>>dependency, which is annoying to work around.  But yes it works.
>I'm curious here.  Your experience is 180 degrees opposite from mine.  I
>run an all in one in production and I get native disk performance, and
>ESXi virtual disk I/O is faster than with a physical SAN/NAS for the NFS
>datastore, since the traffic never leaves the host (I get 3gb/sec or so
>usable thruput.)  One essential (IMO) for this is passing an HBA into
>the SAN/NAS VM using vt-d technology.  If you weren't doing this, I'm
>not surprised the performance sucked.  If you were doing this, you were
>obviously doing something wrong.  No offense, but quite a few people are
>doing exactly what I describe and it works just fine - there IS the
>startup dependency. but  can live with that...
>>> 1: If you where given the same hardware, what would you do? (RAID card
>>> an extra EUR30 or so a month, which i don't really want to spend, but
>>>could, if
>>> needs be...)
>> I have abandoned ESXi in favor of openindiana or solaris running as the
>>host, with virtualbox running the guests.  I am SOOOO much happier now.
>>But it takes a higher level of expertise than running ESXi, but the
>>results are much better.
>in what respect?  due to the 'abysmal performance'?
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