> From: cindy swearingen [mailto:cindy.swearin...@gmail.com]
> This was new news to use too and we're just talking over some options
> yesterday
> afternoon so please give us a chance to regroup and provide some
> alternatives.
> This list will be shutdown but we can start a new one on java.net.

Thanks Cindy - I, for one, am in favor of another list on java.net, because the 
development is basically split into oracle & illumos.  While illumos users 
might have a small aversion to using another oracle list, I think oracle users 
will likely have a much larger aversion to using a non-oracle list.  So I think 
there's room for both lists, as well as just cause for both lists.

If at all possible, I would advise preserving the history of these mailing 
lists.  Extremely useful sometimes, when referencing past conversations and 
stuff, and searching for little tidbits via google.

I would also advise making some sort of announcement on any of the other 
opensolaris mailing lists that happen to be active.

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