On 11 June 2010 11:35, Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok done some checking of various scenarios. Conclusion is that it
> indeed makes sense to have an escape character in the wiki syntax so
> you would be able to input arbitrary sequences of characters and have
> them represented properly. However not to loose to feature to use wiki
> formatting in the editor this requires tight control of the inline
> formatting.

I see, thanks.

> I see 3 cases:
> 1) Copy / paste text into the editor
> * Add additional "copy as wiki" and "paste as wiki" actions
> * Bonus would be to have "copy as mediawiki", "copy as dokuwiki" etc.
> * Option in preferences for format to use for copy paste, default plain text
> * Improve plain text parser to do a few non-intrusive formatting
> steps, bullet lists come to mind
> * Any syntax conflicting with wiki syntax should be escaped when
> pasting as plain text


> 2) Typing in the editor
> * Have a preference to control if wiki syntax is auto-formatted or not
> * If not enabled any syntax will be escaped
> * If enabled syntax will be reformatted on the fly so you have
> immediate feedback how it is interpreted (+ undo to cancel cases were
> formatting was not intended) - latest release already has a option for
> auto-formatting syntax, improve upon this option.


> 3) Input in the "create note" dialog
> * For now use same semantics as for pasting (so consider this dialog
> like a clipboard when putting the note into zim)
> * For future development make this dialog a full editor window

That is perectly fine for this stage of development. Thank you, Jaap!

> If you have any comments please help expanding the design in the wiki
> page instead of replying to this post. The link is:
> http://www.zim-wiki.org/wiki/doku.php?id=escaping_wiki_syntax
> So far no plan when this will be implemented. Don't expect it to be
> ready for the next release.

If I think of anything to add, I will add it there. Thank you Jaap. It
need not be in 0.48, but I need to know that the day will come when I
can rely on Zim. Currently, nothing fits y needs as well as Zim, I've


Dotan Cohen


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